Food Storage Bags with Resealable Lock - 13x 15 - 2 GALLON Zipper top Plastic Food Storage Bags, Resealable Zipper, For Closet Organization, Travel, Freezer, Meat, Clothing, Packing, Shipping, ,bread bag 2 Mil Thick,

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  • TWO GALLON SIZE: When your standard gallon / freezer/ sandwich / quart size bag won't do! Get yourself a pack of our 2 Gallon size bags - bigger & more roomy bags - Measures 13" wide by 15" tall - Big enough to hold larger bigger bulkier & more of your favorite food or personal belongings.
  • ZIPPER TOP CLOSURE: Easy reclosable reusable zip seal can be opened & closed easily. Zipper top bag lets you file, stack & store away your valuable possessions neatly & ensures long lasting protection from dust & water.
  • VALUE PACK OF 15 BAGS: Enough bags to pack up a whole room! Moving, traveling, packing & shipping, selling & storing? with a pack of 100 big bags you will find so many useful & valuable uses. Try it, you'll keep reaching for more!
  • ORGANIZATION SOLUTION. Protecting against dust, these clear bags are the perfect way to store clothing, linens, books or supplies. You can store away Holiday dishes & decor when not in use, extra linens and blankets for overnight guests, or stuffed animals and baby toys to keep you home organized and clutter free. Protect your possessions; Store everything in sight including costumes, clothing, books, office supplies, baby blankets, bulky toys, seasonal stuff or outdoor bikes & gym gear.
  • FOOD STORAGE. Keep your meats, vegetables, fruits and breads freshly stored to lengthen the food’s shelf life, and keep open packages covered to prevent the food from going stale or spilling out. The large size is even big enough to fits large roaster pans so you can easily refrigerate leftovers.


Premium quality for durability and longevity.

Extensive range of sizes to suit every need.

Versatile essentials for home, storage, and partying.

Innovate your lifestyle with every purchase.

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