About Us

When you pick up a Clearly Elegant product, you know it will be PRACTICAL. STURDY. BEAUTIFUL.— and distinct! Because we want you to sit back and say, “Hey, how’d they know exactly what I needed to make my party a success?!”

Our Story

I started out just like you – shopping around. I was looking for a tablecloth that would cover my table elegantly. One that wasn’t creased and wouldn’t easily get torn. Rather, a thick, durable plastic tablecloth that was transparent and enhancing. The market surprised me. Not a single product I tried matched the caliber I was looking for. I realized that the only way to get the table covering I wanted was to create it myself.

Clearly Elegant’s Debut

I knew there must be others looking for the same thing. Slowly, our products made their entry to shops and online inventory. And your overwhelmingly optimistic feedback astounded even us. Customers like you grabbed the tablecloths off store shelves and online inventory stocks in no time.

Bigger & Better

As you express your needs, we continue creating unique specialty products that were oddly missing from store shelves previously. In time, the Clearly Elegant party goods line was joined by oversized storage bags, patterned tablecloths, and innovative table accessories. Every item you get is unmatched in concept, unrivaled quality.

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It’s Been 7 Years

And Clearly Elegant continues to live up to its brand promise: exclusive, practical, satisfaction guaranteed.

Looking forward to enhancing your table…
T. Mendlowitz