Jumbo Storage slider Bags with Carry Handles, Stand & Expand 10 Size 24" x 24"

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Now you can see all your contents without having to open your luggage. Completely clear & transparent so you can easily locate your storage anywhere – in your kitchen, freezer, laundry, attic, basement, etc. Super Thick plastic to protect your storage belongings for longer periods, and to prevent waters & spills from ruining your layaway clothing. Similar to your favorite Ziploc Slider bag but completely clear & super thick AND with a handle!


Holding & Transporting your stuff should be easy. Traveling? Moving? Going on Vacation? Going to the pool or beach? Invited for an overnight sleepover? Camping? Pack up all your belongings in one big bag & off you go! Convenient Built-In Handle Top makes carrying easy & fun!


Expandable bottoms allow them to stand upright so you can easily store them vertically in closets, cabinets, garages or on shelves. The gusseted sides make room for more things so you can optimize space. Great Space Saver bag!


Protecting against dust, jumbo clear bags are the perfect way to store seasonal clothing, extra linens, stuffed animals, books, pillows, towels, holiday decor, blankets, bathroom essentials, kitchen utensils, laundry, costumes or kid’s toys, games, arts & craft or sewing supplies. Protect your belongings from dust, water, moisture, germs, mold and mildew








Premium quality for durability and longevity.

Extensive range of sizes to suit every need.

Versatile essentials for home, storage, and partying.

Innovate your lifestyle with every purchase.

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